Conférence internationale – Les communautés juives sépharades, d'Afrique du Nord et du Moyen-Orient en Amérique du Nord

lundi, 24 août 2015 - 09:00


Concordia Univeristy – Hall Building
1455 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West

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Monday, 9 Elul 5775, 24 August 2015
Concordia University, Hall Building, 7th Floor
1455 de Maisonneuve Boulevard, West
(Metro: Guy-Concordia)

09:00-09:30: Registration

09:30-11:00: OPENING SESSION

Chair: Dr. Shimon Ohayon, Director, Dahan
Center, Bar-Ilan University

Prof.Shimon Sharvit, Rector, Ashkelon Academic College
Prof. Alan Shepard, President, Concordia University
Prof. Josée Lafond Doyenne, Faculté des sciences humaines, Université du Québec à Montréal

Opening Lectures:
Prof. Norman Stillman, University of Oklahoma
Three and a Half Centuries of Sepharadi / Mizrahi Presence in

North America: An Ongoing chapter in Jewish History

Prof Liliach Lev-Ari, Oranim-Academic College of Education an Ban-Ilan university

North African and Middle Eastern Israeli immigrants in North America: Socio-Economic Mobility and Ethnic Identity-A successful integration?

11:00-11:15: Coffee Break

11:15-13:15: SESSION 2: Sephardim in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century North America

Chair:Prof. Ira Robinson, Concordia University

Prof. Hananel Mack, Bar-Ilan University
A will of a Sefaradi Jew of New York, 1708

Dr. Eli Goldstein, Ashkelon Academic College
Hayim Solomon: A Jewish American patriot and philanthropist

Dr. Stephanie Schwartz, University du Québec à Montréal
Surveying the Sephardic Neighborhood, 1970s Montreal

Prof. Yaron Harel, Bar-Ilan University
The Shearith Israel Congregation of New York: the Victory of Tradition over Reform

13:15-14:15: Lunch

14:15-16:15: SESSION 3:

Sephardic Migration and its Implications: Canada and U.S.A

Chair: Prof. Robert Schwartzwald,
Université de Montréal

Dr. Dinah Assouline Stillman, University of Oklahoma
Toi Québec, tu m’as pris dans tes bras, ou le rêve américain pour les immigrants juifs marocains : trois cas de libération de talents et de réussite

Prof. David Bensoussan, Université du Québec
La Dimension Sépharade de l’identité juive au Québec

Dr. Sonia Sara Lipsyc, ALEPH-Centre d’Études Juives Contemporaines
Le monde des études juives dans la communauté séfarade de Montréal au travers de ses lieux d’études et sa production littéraire

Prof. Nadia Malinovich, Université de Picardie Jules Verne
Remembering the Jewish Past in the Muslim World from Afar: Memoirs of Immigrants and First Generation Americans

Dr. Shayna Zamkanei, University of Chicago
Conceptualizing the Dislocation of Jews from the Middle East and North Africa

16:15-16:30: Coffee Break

16:30-18:00: SESSION 4: Syrian Jews in New York

Chair: Dr. Raphael Shuchat, Bar-Ilan University

Ms. Sarina Roffé, Sephardic Heritage Project
Syrian Jews in New York: 100 Years Later

Mr. Eddie Ashkenazie, Magen David Congregation
Charity in the Syrian Jewish Community of Brooklyn,
1940s-1960s: The Saga of the Magen David Federation

Ms. Mijal Bitton, New York University
The New York Syrian Jewish Community and Diasporic Self-Understanding

18:15-19:00: SESSION 5: Special Performance Session

Chair: Dr. Moise Ohana Congrégation Sépharade Or Hahayim

Dr. Judith R. Cohen, York University
Do you mean Maroccan Ladino? Marrocan Sephardic songs emigrate to Montreal and Toronto


Tuesday, 10 Elul 5775, 25 August,2015
Concordia University, Hall Building, 7th Floor

09:30-11:30: SESSION 6: Diverse Communities in North America

Chair: Prof. Shimon Sharvit, Rector, Ashkelon Academic College

Mr. Michel Gourary, CEO, Israeli Jewish Congress

Prof. Moshe Amar, Bar-Ilan University and Ahkelon Academic College
Manuscripts of Moroccan Torah scholars at the Libraries of the University of Alberta and the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York

Prof. Gabriel Cavaglion, Ahkelon Academic College
Mussolini’s gift of a gifted people: Jewish migration to the U.S. during the Italian Fascist Regime

Dr. Maya Melzer-Geva, Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee
The Jews from Georgia, Bukhara and the Caucasus (former Soviet Union) in North America

Dr. Norma Baumel Joseph, Concordia University
Silenced and Aroused: Iraqi Jews of Montreal

Prof. Shaul Regev, Bar-Ilan University
Some Remarks on the Emigration of Iraqi Jews to North America

11:30-11:45: Coffee Break

11:45-13:45: SESSION 7: Sephardim, Ashkenazim and Their Images

Chair: Prof. Yolande Cohen, Université du Québec à Montréal

Dr. Aaron Ahrend, Bar-Ilan University
Rabbi Yitzhak Abadi and his approach to legal adjudication

Prof. Ira Robinson & Dr. Steven Lapidus, Concordia University
The Impact of ‘’Lev Tahor’’ in Canada and Its Implications for the Study of Contemporary Jewish Migration

Dr. Avi Picard, Bar-Ilan University
Absent-present: The image of North African Jews in the eyes of North African Jews

Dr. Esther Schely Newman, The Hebrew University
Continuity and Change in Personal Narratives of Maghrebin Jewish Women

Mr. Itzhak Dahan, Bar-Ilan University
The influence of American and French culture on the religious and cultural heritage of immigrants from North African origin

13:45-14:45: Lunch

14:45-16:15: SESSION 8: Hebrew and Latino in North America

Chair: Prof. Norman Stillman, University of Oklahoma

Prof. Nurit Govrin, University of Tel-Aviv
Authors, Works and Characters of the Orient as Viewed in the Hebrew Literature in the United States

Prof. Henry A. Green, University of Miami
Sephardi Voices: Diasporas and the Experience of Exile

Dr. Dov Hakohen, Bar-Ilan University
A panoramic view on the Judeo-Spanish literary activity of Sephardic Jews in the United States

Prof. Ora Schwatzwald, Bar-Ilan University
The relation of the Seattle Ladino Haggadah to the Balkan Traditions

16:15-16:30: Coffee Break

16:30-18:00: SESSION 9: Special Panel: The Sephardic Novel

Chair: Prof. Nurit Govrin, University of Tel-Aviv

Author Revital Sheri-Horowitz
‘’Daughters of Iraq’’- A Historical Fiction novel – Documenting History through Fiction

Author Yamit Armbrister
The Jews of Marocco: Through the Historical Fiction of One Remarkable Woman

Author Sarit Gradwohl-Yosef
‘’A Tale of Love and Innocence’’: a novel about Yemenite Jewry – bridging the personal and historical

18:00-19:00: Closing Lecture:

Chair: Prof. Yaron Harel, Bar-Ilan University

Prof. Yolande Cohen, Université du Québec à Montréal
Sephardic Jews in Canada: from memory to history

Closing remarks: Prof. Yaron Harel, Co-chairman of the conference, Bar-Ilan University

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